Heritage English Medium School

Heritage English Medium School has adapted Seventhday Adventist Philosophy of Education which holds holistic view of human being-that is restoration of the lost image of God in humankind through the harmonious development of the physical, mental, social and spiritual dimensions of life. This means the preparation for a useful life here on this earth and a preparation of pupils and workers for a life hereafter.


The school is committed to qualitative focused education that aims to develop the pupils physical, spiritual, mental and social dimensions to their highest level.


To prepare responsible and disciplined pupils for secondary, tertiary higher education, vocation, technical and professional training for excellence in service to God and people.


It is the aim of the school to establish conducive learning environment according to national and international standard, which prepares primary school pupils well, equipped for secondary school and other advanced studies. Also it views on providing balanced education with the aim identifying various talents endowed on each child to enable them develop full talents at international level, thus giving them ability to think globally but act locally.


The school strives to develop in its pupils the ability to do independent and creative thinking and to cultivate in them an understanding of the basic facts and principles in their fields of study. To develop an attitude of open-minded consideration of controversial questions, to develop a continuing intellectual curiosity that will extend throughout.


The school seeks to guide its pupils in the development of attractive personalities which will find acceptance in a worthy social order, and which will lead enthusiastic participation in its activities, to develop an understanding and consistent practice of approved social graces.


The school seeks to lead its pupils and workers to accept and practice these ethical and moral concepts which are approved by the enlightened conscience of mankind. To develop tolerance towards the rights and opinions of others and to develop acceptance of the social obligations of serving humanity and striving for its welfare.


The school aims at giving its pupils intelligent understanding of the principles of government, to develop in them a willingness to accept the responsibilities and principles of citizenship and a recognition of the basic rights of other individuals and social groups. To give a well-founded understanding of the leading domestic and international issues of the time, to develop sincere love for the country and willingness to cooperate in bringing about improvement in the social order.


The heritage schools aim at giving its pupils an understanding of the function and proper care of the body and establish a consistent observation of habits and practices which foster maximum physical vitality and health.